Empowering Teams to Innovate With Empathy & Purpose

Strategic Change

Four Core Pillars for Successful Change Management


Empathetic change requires listening to and considering stakeholders’ needs and concerns throughout every step of the process. It is learning to anticipate the human response to change. It means evaluating which tools and methods work best for each scenario and each segment of stakeholders. Success requires adaptability and fast failure.


Working with purpose means not wasting resources on endeavors that do not directly serve your stated objective. In change project management, this means managing scope creep and streamlining processes to ensure time, energy, and money are not wasted on ineffective or out-of-scope efforts.


Mindful change requires leadership driven by data, best practices, empathy, and purpose. It means making intentional decisions and resisting the chaos of quickly changing or sensitive circumstances. Mindful change leaders adapt to new information, updating strategic planning and moving forward without prejudice.


Humble wisdom is the knowledge that no one can know all things. It means accepting the help of experts and starting every conversation by listening. A humble change leader must know how to ask the right questions to get to know their stakeholders and their needs.

Intentional Innovation

A Consultative Approach to Solving Business Problems
The right answer always starts with the right questions.
  • Learn about the business problem the project is expected to solve, paying special attention to its stakeholders' needs and the business goals. Identify core strengths and unique challenges.

  • Develop a plan to inform, educate, build trust, and gain buy-in, based on the information collected, paying particular attention to the methods and channels stakeholders prefer to utilize for consuming information.

  • Execute on the plan, while measuring effectiveness, collecting stakeholder feedback, and adapting to accommodate new information as the project progresses.

  • Recap the learnings from the project, analyzing results and establishing best practices for the future, and then hand off to the long-term functional business owners.

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