The Business of You: Managing Your Personal Brand in Today’s Post-Recession Economy

I’m publishing this recap of the information and subsequent discussion topics that arose from my presentation at SAP TechEd Barcelona 2017. A modified version of this has also been published on the SAP Community. Please forgive the length, as this was a quite robust discussion and I want to capture as much as possible. For those […]

What Makes a Team Player?

As a child, I tried a variety of extracurricular activities, including gymnastics, tennis, and even improv acting. None of them stuck. When I was nine years old, my parents signed up my younger brother for tee ball. I had watched the other kids warming up on the field and participating in tryouts and immediately insisted […]

Get Over Your Fear of the Mic.

If you’re not comfortable with public speaking, the pressure when making presentations can be intense. My own anxiety about getting up to speak in front of a group of people started about halfway through high school with an eye twitch that persisted during my entire Spanish class presentation. You can imagine how that only added […]

Nobody Likes the Hero: How to Change the Lives of Millions of People Who Don’t Want Your Help

A change manager is (aptly named) a person who brings about change within an organization. Like a vigilante for justice, change managers fight for the benefit of their citizens, whether they want the help or not. They are a necessary component in the growth and evolution of the organization — and are not always a […]

Your “content marketing” sucks. (Here’s how to fix it.)

A sure symptom of a failed content marketing strategy is that which gains no traction, earns no engagement, and ultimately fails to bring in new business. But how do you identify a failing content marketing strategy before it becomes a dead horse? The most common causes of bad content marketing are: impatience, ignorance, and bad […]

Editorial or Governance? Community Management for the Social Age

One of the most powerful things you can do as a community manager is empower customers to share their stories. Marketers have been using ‘happy customer’ success stories for years. What is the difference, then, in creating a platform for users to share their own stories? It’s a simple question of editorial vs. governance practices. […]

There is no big stick of empathy: 5 Tips for Building Empathetic Teams

The practical application of empathy to leadership strategies is a topic that has fascinated me for a long while. Empathy is the ability to understand and feel from another person’s perspective without actually experiencing the wide range of factors that shape that perspective. Empathy helps create bridges between parties when they have opposing interests. It […]

Humble Leadership: Don’t Drown In Your Own Kool-Aid

I hate corporate jargon. So, just for a Friday dose of irony, here’s an article chock full of cliches and jargon. There is a saying that is oft used by leaders in the context of employee motivation: “We drink our own Kool-Aid!” Of course, the sentiment is intended to be something to the effect of […]

It’s okay to have a bad day.

I’ve only once read an explanation about dieting that made any sense to me at all. The basic gist of the advice was this: One bad day does not negate all the other good days. The concept is simple. Your life is not a train waiting to be derailed at the first sign of deviation […]