It’s okay to have a bad day.

I’ve only once read an explanation about dieting that made any sense to me at all. The basic gist of the advice was this:

One bad day does not negate all the other good days.

The concept is simple. Your life is not a train waiting to be derailed at the first sign of deviation from your grand plans. Whatever your goals, whether you’re dieting or learning a new skill or trying to save money or trying to get a promotion, having a bad day – one where you deviate from actions that would otherwise help you achieve your goals (sometimes called a “cheat day”) – does not drive your motivation or accomplishment train into a flaming wreck off the end of a blown out bridge.

Instead, think of your life as a series of do-overs. Every day is a new opportunity to have a good day. This is particularly critical for people suffering from all-to-common mental illnesses, like clinical depression and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and other conditions aggravated by stress. But it’s also critical to remember when you work in a high stress environment, or just plain have too much on your plate. Tomorrow is a new day.

Sometimes you just have to write today off as a “bad day” and move on. Start tomorrow with all the optimism you had when you started today. You never know when a good day can sneak up on you…

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